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Quality Assurance

Management Policy

We seek to carry out value based management, always pursuing our win-win strategy with customers.
Under our customer centric management system, we will stay customer focused and endeavor to think and act ahead of our customers’ needs.
We will never compromise on quality and consistently focus on R&D to bring the best product and service to our customers.
Win-win strategy
with our customers
Stay customer
the best service

Quality Assurance

Our effort to improve quality is recognized through acquisition of certificates such as Quality System ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004.
By immediately responding to customers, we are always concentrating on minimizing any dissatisfying factor in relation to quality control during any stage from production, delivery to post-delivery customer review.
Also to improve productivity and the working environment Through activities such as TPM and 5S campaign, we are also focused on improving productivity and creating an ideal working environment and a stable production process which will contribute to producing world class quality products.

QA certificates and propulsion result

  • 1985. Acquisition of the first KS certification mark and UL approval in Korea in its industry
  • 1995. Acquisition of ISO 9002 certificate (certificate authority: UL)
  • 1998. Built an on-line system for quality improvement and work proficiency.
  • 2002. TPM and 5S campaign
  • 2003. Acquisition of ISO9001:2000 certificate
  • 2007. Acquisition of ISO 14001:2004 certificate