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Automobile cable compound

Non-crosslinked PVC compound (ES standard)

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  • Applied to low voltage insulator and tube used for starting, charging, lighting automobiles.


  • Smooth surface
  • Excellent property and workability
  • Free of RoHS (Pb, Cr6+, Cd, Hg, PBBs, and PBDEs) restricted heavy metal.

Major physical properties and process temperature

Test Item UNIT Value Test method
Room Temp. Tensile Strength  Mpa 19 15 ASTM D 638
Elongation % 290 310
Aging Test
1KV - PASS - JASO D618
Aging Test
Retention of T/S  Mpa 98 97 ASTM D 638
Retention of E/L % 96 97
Oil Test
1KV - PASS - JASO D 618
Low Temp 
1KV - PASS - KSC 3004
Hardness Shore A 90 83 ASTM D 2240
Specific Gravity - 1.41 1.41 ASTM D 792
Description ES 95℃
Application AVS, CAVS,
 Vinyl Tube
  • Product characteristics shown above are only guidelines not the actual product specification.
  • Process temperature conditions for the product may differ according to the technical spec of the machinery and processing condition.
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Grade Workable Temperature HYUNDAI KIA GM Renault samsung NISSAN FORD
T1 75℃ AV-SS/OD(A), CORD(OD)/A T1
T2 100℃ AV-X, T2 FLRY T2
T3 125℃ T3
T4 150℃